How we work

Mindsprings  provides services in the areas of legal consultation to people living all over the world. Our company, before opening its doors to the public, has spent 17 years carefully and painstakingly building a network of access to some of the most competent, reputable, and committed individuals working in the legal profession in India.


Explaining Legalese : Our archives on Acts, Legislatures and General Information, a comprehensive source of information on the Indian legal system is prepared by us keeping in mind your needs, and is resourced into whenever a query is posted to us.
Answering Personal Legal Queries: After your query is posted through the login page, you automatically become a registered member of Mindsprings,

You can obtain detailed legal counseling by paying service charge. On registering with us you are assigned an individual account with a password that is accessible only to you from the Login page. This account allows you to communicate with us about any number of legal queries on any one particular section of law.

Providing Representation: If and when you decide to hire us to represent you, we will communicate with you regarding the fee for your individual case. Again, you will continue to ‘talk’ to us through your personal account; it is our job to ensure that you do not feel out of touch with the situation just because of the physical distance involved. We will inform you about everything that is happening through transcripts of proceedings and judgments, real audio recordings where applicable, and any other information that we can upload into your personal account page. You can send documents that need to be produced in court through fax or courier. The documents you need from India , we will obtain for you. As and when required, we will reach you immediately through telephone, e-mail, fax or mail. These modes of communication stand even for queries that you may want to put to us once you have an account registered with us..